Our experienced specialist teams understand the make up of your ventilation system and how it works.

We can identify existing or potential fire hazards and troubleshoot any defects within the system.

Our teams are fully trained to TR19 standards and up to date with all relevant legislation, this allows them to deliver a fully comprehensive system clean.

All work is undertaken in accordance with BESA TR19 and British Standards BSEN 15780. A full technical report is provided which includes pre and post photographs and a schematic drawing of your ductwork and extraction system.

This includes a certificate of cleanliness to certify your clean has been carried out to industry standards and advises you of the accessibility to your system, how many cleans per annum are required and any recommendations.

Benefits of Cleaning

  • Reduced risk of kitchen fires.

  • Enhanced working environment for kitchen staff

  • Improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal

  • More efficient system, longevity of mechanical parts.

  • Compliance with local & national fire & health codes

  • Lower insurance premiums offered by some insurance companies.

  • Whole system cleaning

  • Reduction of risk (fire/insurance/employee)

  • System efficiency improvement

Pre-Commission Duct Cleaning

Newly installed ductwork systems are subject to dust contamination during site handling and should be inspected for cleanliness prior to handover for final commissioning.

Our experienced team can advise you on the cleanliness outcome required for the quality class of the system being installed as well as offering a comprehensive inspection, preferred vacuum testing (PVT) and cleaning service ensuring you achieve the desired level of cleanliness.

All work is undertaken in accordance with British Standards BSEN 15780:2011 and BESA TR19.

Our Accreditation